Eminent Design Art Gallery
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Our incredible collection of ceramic art is handcrafted by local
artists and artisans from across the country.
450 First Street East     Sonoma, CA     95476     eminentdesign.net@gmail.com     707-935-8880
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Beautiful Japanese Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Japanese Plate set of 5
Ceramic Vase Set of 3
Green Ceramic Jug
Woven Ceramic Vase
Green Ceramic Reed Vase
Ceramic House Charm with Heart
Ceramic House Charm with Martini
Ceramic House Charm with House
Ceramic House Charm with Leaf
Ceramic House Charm with House on Pillar
Green Ceramic Ruffle Vase
White Ceramic Reef Pots
Porcelain Mixing Bowl Set
Handmade Japanese Bowl Set
Green Ceramic Reed Vase
Green Barnacle Vase
Japanese Bowl and Cup Set
Japanese Bowl and Cup Set
White Porcelain Vases
Japanese Bowls
Small Japanese Vase Set of 3
Japanese Sake Cup Set of 5
Simple Clay Cups
Ceramic Japanese Plate Set of 5
Ceramic Japanese Bowl set of 5
Stoneware Pitcher
Stoneware Pitcher
Stoneware Pitcher
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